A two-hander drama-comedy, e-baby is a powerful, funny, heart-wrenching story of our times, shining a light on the intimate and unspoken relationship between an infertile woman and the surrogate she hires. It features two outstanding roles for women and makes creative … Read More


A four-hander drama comedy, d-baby is a tender, funny and contemporary coming-of-age story about a donor-conceived teenager searching for her true identity. Combining great roles for two teenagers and two women in their 60s, d-baby makes creative use of technology, including … Read More

Uked! – The first play-along ukulele musical

A kooky ukey love story with unique audience participation Uked! is the hilarious, charming and poignant story of Karla, a lonely and eccentric single woman who is dumped by her violin-playing boyfriend on her 50th birthday. Between caring for her … Read More