A New Life Journal is a collection of my popular parenting columns published in The Age from 1993 to 1997. The column began at the invitation of Age editor Alan Kohler and struck an immediate chord with readers, many of whom wrote in response: “Your life so often mirrors my own.”

It is this that made the column so universally relevant and led to it being picked up by Quality Time Magazine from 1997 to 2002.

Excerpts were also broadcast on the ABC Radio National program Life Matters over the years, and further instalments were published on my blog.

I was the original “mommy blogger”, in the days when fans who “liked” your column had to anctually send you a letter to tell you so.

I still have the cherished letters from the many families who wrote to me, some of whom came to the launch of the book at Readings in Melbourne, by Alan Kohler in 2014.

I self-published the book as a gift to my daughter on her 21st birthday and for my son’s 29th birthday. (They have the same birthday.)

A New Life Journal documents one family’s parenting journey from first words and potty training to choosing schools and finally letting go.

Both a diary and a memoir written over more than 20 years, A New Life Journal is a funny, eloquent, wise and compassionate record of one family’s parenting journey and the universal issues that parents still face across generations.

The perfect gift for new parents, grandparents and blended families everywhere.

Published by Partridge Press and available from Amazon and all major online retail outlets:

Breastfeeding Naturally

Breastfeeding Naturally, which combined 30 years of wisdom from the Nursing Mothers Association of Australia – now Breastfeeding Australia – was the first book I edited in 1997, and it became a breast-seller.

It’s true. The book was in its third printing when it was finally overhauled and a new edition was edited by Jill Day in 2011, which is still going strong.

I was over qualified for the job, having become infamous for a story I wrote for The Age earlier called The art of giving up, where I described the difficulty of weaning my son.

NMAA, as it was known, had published about 100 pamphlets on various aspects of breastfeeding, which they handed me in a box, along with a chapter outline. It was my job to turn it into a book.

In those days, most of us had young children, so our editorial meetings were held at McDonald’s in nearby Springvale Rd.

Here is a gallery of some of the many other books, journals and magazines that I have contributed stories and cartoons to over the years.

Many of these are out of print, which is why I haven’t included availability and price. Basically, I’m just showing off, which at my age is allowed.