Jargon immunisation for writers

Bureaucratic documents are full of jargon and cumbersome expressions that can be highly contagious for writers. Jargon obscures meaning and makes your writing clumsy and dull.

Regular immunisation is vital if you are to avoid this plague.

Stick this list near your computer and check it regularly to ensure your writing stays healthy. You can also add your own.

a series of information sessions  meetings
a small percentage of                     few
accompany                                      go with
accomplish                                       carry out/do
accordingly                                      so
accrue                                               add/gain
accurate                                            correct, right, exact
additional                                         extra, more, added, other
adjacent to                                        near
an initial preferred location                       first/previous site
announced, stated, declared        said
approximately                                  about
are being asked to have their sayinvited to comment
arrived at the scene                        arrived
as a consequence of                     because
assist, come to the aid of               help
at the moment, at this point in time, at present                      now
attempt                                              try
behind schedule                             late
beverage                                          drink
called a halt to                                 stopped
can take part in a meeting             can meet
carriageway                                     road/highway/lane
commence                                       start/begin
consider the impact of its decisions on young people          affect on youth
constructed                                      made/built
currently/presently/                         now
demonstrate                                     show
development plan                           plan
discussions, consultations                       talks
dispatch, transmit                            send
donate                                               give
dwelling, residence                        home/house
establish, implement                      set up
eventuate                                         happen
facilitate                                            help/aid
felt the decision was a valid one  agreed
impact affect, influence, transform, change, result
off of – grammatically incorrect.off/from
unpackexplain, examine, clarify