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Here in Singapore, if you see any rubbish around in a public place, you can just call the litter hotline and the authorities will come and remove it, according to a report in The Straits Times.(31 March 2012)

So far, I haven’t seen any litter in public places in Singapore, but I plan to put this number in my phone and call it next time I am in Richmond after a big match at the MCG.

I hope that this particular type of cultural  homogeneity will extend to Victoria, and that Yarra Council will follow in the foot steps of Singapore’s newly created Department of Public Cleanliness (DPC).

In Singapore, the DPC will work closely with town councils to take charge of cleaning in public areas, The Straits Times says.The DPC will also use technology, including remote monitoring of litter bins.

“A tag will be placed in all the NEA (National Environment Agency) litter bins, allowing officers to keep count of all  emptied bins with a quick scan.

“Web-based cameras will also be installed for real-time tracking of the ground situation and contractors’ performance,” the report says.

Back in Richmond, they still do it the old-fashioned way – employing a team of mostly African men to walk around with spikes and rubbish bags on Monday mornings, spiking any paper and picking up the broken glass and empty beer cans.

But no amount of technology can solve the problem of footy revellers who have had too much beer and who can’t make it to the Richmond station toilet on time.

Once when I was walking home from the station, I spied a young man urinating against the wall, his pelvis thrust forward, while his hands were pressed against the wall above his head to hold himself steady.

I had seen this too many times before, so this time  I slipped my hand into my pocket, retrieving my iphone, and quickly pressed the camera icon.

Unfortunately, I forgot to turn off the flash.

“Hey, mate, that woman jush took a pitcha of your bum,” the man’s friend slurred, as the flash lit up two round pale buttocks, a pair of skinny, hairy legs and jeans concertinaed around his ankles.

“Wot?” the young man said, turning around.

“See you on youtube, guys!” I yelled – and made a dash for the front door.

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