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Around 3pm, I start to get edgy. I should be getting home.

Even though I know there is no reason to get home, I feel edgy.

I blame 27 years of mothering.

As a mother, you need to start getting home around 3pm to make sure you are there when the kids get home from school, or to pick them up and take them to the dentist, or to a singing lesson, or a piano lesson, or rehearsal, or to a play-date.

But now the kids have grown up and at 3pm they are probably at work, or at uni, or still in bed recovering from that 3am party and hangover.

I have been absolved, yet still, like a well-trained rat, I keep returning to that damned wheel.

At 5pm I start to feel like I should be making dinner – even when I know Rob is not going to be home until 8pm and we will probably have dinner in town.

At the supermarket, I feel the need to buy several hundred dollars worth of groceries, including biscuits and treats for lunch boxes, even though I know there is no lunch box and that if I buy any treats, the only person I will be treating is myself.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad I’m not cutting lunches anymore, or doing the after-school run.

I’m glad my kids have grown up and are enjoying their lives.

I just wish I could de-program myself and enjoy mine.

That’s why I decide that the best antidote to being an auto-mum is to go touristing, starting at 3pm in Little India

Touristing alone is a guilty pleasure. There are no compromises.

You don’t have to reach consensus on where and when to go, or where and when to eat; and there is no one to tell you not to buy that gorgeous piece of jewelry as a Mother’s Day present to yourself.

You can do what you bloody-well like. Finally.  (Just don’t tell Rob about the jewelry).  

On this particular day, doing what I liked meant eating my way from Buffalo St to Mustafa and back.

For the uninitiated, Mustafa is a huge 24-hour department store which has everything you Mustafa and more.

It was here in Little India that I discovered that I am probably a reincarnation of a northern Indian. Why else would I love Punjabi suits, jewelry and samosas so much?

“That’s so sweet,” my Indian friend Sultana says when I tell her that I bought a Punjabi suit (for 35!). “You could pass for Northern Indian,” she adds.

But it’s not just their beauty that has endeared me to Punjabi suits. Punjabi suits not only cover a multitude of sins, they turn them into virtues.

You can eat as many samosas as you like, and still fit into a Punjabi suit (albeit extra large), as even the most generous of figures look slender and elegant in the long-line tunic, light billowy pants, and matching scarf.

And like saris, Punjabi suits come in the most decadent colors and patterns.

This is a nice change, as in Melbourne the preferred color for most women’s apparel is black –  not because they are widows but because, like most Western women, we Melbournians are always trying to diminish ourselves. 

Indian women, it seems, feel no such compulsion. They think nothing of going food shopping wearing a Punjabi suit that is encrusted with fake diamonds or trailing metres of hot pink silk draped elegantly around their neck, and which wafts gently behind them as they walk.

How do they do it? I tried it and the scarf got caught in my crotch and strangled me. I nearly choked on my samosa.

 In Australia, summer means wearing fewer clothes, not more; so the idea of a tunic, pants and a scarf in 32 degree heat, may seem incongruous. But Punjabi suits are amazingly cool as they don’t cling like t-shirts and jeans.

However, so far I am not game to wear mine anywhere other than Little India, at a Bollywood party, or around the house – not just because I haven’t mastered the art of the scarf yet, but because I feel like I am wearing a costume rather than clothes.

I guess that’s why my Punjabi suit is pale green and cream.

It’s discreet.

And it goes fabulously with that new piece of jewelry. 





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