New website for Uked! musical

Sick of strumming the same old songs? Put on a unique ukulele show!

Are you a ukulele club sick of strumming the same old songs? Are you looking for something new and fun for your club to perform while also raising money for your group or community?

Are you a community theatre group looking for a fun new show to perform post-lockdown that won’t cost the earth and will lift community spirits?

Then check out our brand new website: Uked! – The first play-along ukulele musical

Uked! is perfect for ukulele groups and community theatre groups to combine to put on a fun show with unique audience participation.

Performance rights are now available after a sell-out premiere season at Guildford and Newham in Central Victoria last winter.

Uked! is the story of Karla, who is dumped on her 50th birthday by her violin-playing boyfriend, Brian. Desperate to belong and prove her musical worth, Karla buys a ukulele and joins a dating site, learning that love and the ukulele have a lot in common.

Unique audience participation

As Karla learns the ukulele on YouTube, the chords and lyrics of the songs are displayed for the audience to sing and play along. Later when she joins a club, audience members are invited on stage to play her fellow club members, the NUTS (the fictional Newstead Ukulele Troupe) and the GRUBS (the fictional Guildford Regional Ukulele Band)

The new site includes a synopsis of the story and characters, how to hire our team to perform the show for you, or how to put on the show yourself, including, how to apply for the licensing rights through David Spicer Productions Apply for Uked!

Uked! merchandise is also available via the website. Check it out now!

Pictured: Rebecca Morton as Karla with Pete Gavin as almost everyone else, along with our wonderful volunteers, the NUS and GRUBS, at the sell-out premiere of Uked! at the Guildford Music Hall.