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e-baby in London

Just one week until opening night for the UK premiere of my play e-baby, produced by Aequitas Theatre at the Brockley Jack Theatre in London!

Here’s a peek at rehearsals, featuring the wonderfully talented team at Aequitas, with Rachael Bellis as Nellie and Kat Rogers as Catherine, directed by Pamela Schermann,  and produced by Sarah Lawrie.

PHOTOS: Behind the scenes for Aequitas Theatre’s UK premiere of e-baby

e-baby is a funny, poignant, and sometimes shocking story of our times, shining a light on one of the most intimate and unspoken modern relationships – the relationship between an infertile woman and surrogate she hires.

This will be the seventh production of the play, which has been has been produced every year since its  world premiere at Chapel Off Chapel in March 2015, starring Carolyn  Bock as Catherine and Sarah Ranken as Nellie, with direction and dramaturgy by Anna McCrossin-Owen:

I’m so proud and grateful to the wonderful directors, actresses and technical and production crews who have given their talents and time to produce my play over the years – something that was was unimaginable when I first began writing the play in Singapore in 2012.

Here’s the line up:

  • 2016, The Ensemble Theatre, Sydney, directed by Nadia Tass, starring Danielle Carter as Catherine and Gabrielle Scawthorn as Nellie
  • 2017, Tasmanian Theatre Company, Hobart, directed by Anne Cordiner and Julie Waddington, with Jane Longhurst as Catherine and Katie Robertson as Nellie
  • 2018, Cedarville University Ohio, USA, directed by Natalia Kirychuck, with Kimberlyn Wideman as Catherine and Susanna Edwards as Nellie
  • 2019,  Lyceum Club, Melbourne, directed by Rosemary Redston, with Mary Lou Archibald as Catherine and Meg Bartel as Nellie.
  • 2019, Aequitas Theatre Company, London, Brockley Jack Theatre, directed by Pamela Schermann, with Kat Rogers as Catherine and Rachael Bellis as Nellie.

e-baby Hobart was also nominated for Best Production in the Tasmanian Theatre Awards 2018 and Katie Robertson, who played Nellie, won for Best Performance (Female) in a Professional Production).

Thanks so much to the So and So Arts Club in London, which held a rehearsed reading of the play in August 2015, also directed by Pamela Schermann and staring Kat Rogers as Catherine and Becky Hands-Wicks as Nellie, Special thanks to So and So founder Sarah Berger and to Becky for championing the play since.

e-baby rights for the UK, US and Europe are handled by Stage Scripts in the UK and by Australian Plays in Australia.

Australian Plays also publishes the companion play, d-baby, which is a drama/comedy about a donor-conceived teenager searching for her true identity. d-baby was a finalist in the 2018 International Playwriting Competition, New Works of Merit. 





e-baby Catherine silhouette dress copy 2

Carolyn Bock as Catherine, and Sarah Ranken as Nellie, in the world premiere of e-baby at Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne, in 2015.

e-baby will have its first full production in London from November 19-30 at the Brockley Jack Theatre.

Produced by independent theatre company Aequitas Theatre, e-baby will directed by Pamela Schermann, who directed the rehearsed reading of the play at the So and So Arts Club back in August 2015, and will star Rachael Bellis as Nellie and Kat Rogers as Catherine. Kat also played Catherine in the So and So Arts Club reading.

Aequitas Theatre Company, founded by Rachael Bellis, describes itself as a “female-led company pushing boundaries in London theatre”.

I am so excited that e-baby will be fully produced on the London stage for the first time and delighted that the So and So team is reuniting and combining with the team at Aequitas, bringing a wealth of talent and experience to this production.

When I was sitting in my bedroom in Singapore in 2012 watching surrogates online while researching the play, I never imagined that it would be performed at all, let alone in London.

Thanks so much to the wonderful Sarah Berger, Artistic Director and founder of the So and So Arts Club, for selecting the play for a reading in 2015, and to actor/director and dear friend Susie Penrice Tyrie for introducing us in Singapore.

e-baby has had production ever since its premiere at Chapel Off Chapel in 2015, and I am very grateful to the many artists who have contributed their talents and helped it grow and thrive.

If you are in London between November 19 and 30, please take this opportunity to go and see it.

e-baby tickets at the Brockley Jack, London

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