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I’m delighted to announce that my new play, d-baby, will have a rehearsed read at the MC Showroom on February 15 at 7pm, featuring Cosima Gilbert as Dee, Nathaniel Karam as Zac, Clare Larman as Tess and Elizabeth Walley as June, with direction by Alec Gilbert.

d-baby is a coming-of-age story with a difference. It’s about a teenager, Deidre Maeve Ryan (but she prefers Dee) who has been created for one family but is genetically related to another, and for whom searching for her true identity means risking the love and support of the only family she has known.

Dee finds a kindred spirit in fellow student, Zac, who helps her find the courage to uncover the explosive secret that her mother, June, has been struggling to tell.

With compassion and humour, d-baby tells the story of a new generation of adults for whom answering the basic human question: “Who am I?” is becoming increasingly complex and difficult.

Above all, it’s about great characters striving for self-knowledge and connection in an increasingly disconnected world.

The play has had successful table reads in Singapore, Hobart and Melbourne, and some scene development in Sydney but this will be its first time in front of an audience –  with a wonderfully talented Melbourne cast.

The reading is a script-in-hand event to test the script as part of its development. We’re looking for feedback and expressions of interest from audience members, investors and patrons with a view to a full production in 2019/20.  The $20 fee is to help cover the cost hiring the theatre.

Seats are limited (the theatre seats 80), so if you would like to be placed on a priority mailing list, please email me at jane.cafarella@gmail. com and I will let you know as soon as bookings open.

d-baby is the companion play to e-baby, but not a sequel. It seeks to answer the question that was raised at the Q&A for e-baby at Chapel Off Chapel in 2015: “But what about the child?”

Like e-baby it is set in the USA, where commercial gamete donation is allowed. The events in the play cannot happen here in Australia, where commercial gamete donation is banned, but it does shed some light on the emotional landscape facing donor-conceived adults and their parents here, and what may happen if Australia goes down that path in the future.

My grateful thanks to co-producer Janet Dimelow for her generous help in organising this event, and for being a passionate and encouraging friend and advocate.

Many thanks too, to the newest member of the d-baby team, Sharon Carr, for her marketing expertise and skill, warmth and encouragement and to designer Chloe for the flyer and to the talented and patient James Gallagher from Drama Queen Graphics for the great logo.


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