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Susanna Edwards (left) as Nellie, and Kimberlyn Wideman as Catherine in Natalia Kirychuk’s production of e-baby at Cedarville University, Ohio on October 26.



I’m thrilled to announce that e-baby, my play about the relationship between an infertile woman and the surrogate she hires, made its US debut at Cedarville University, Ohio, on 26 October 2018.

The play was produced and directed by Natalia Kirychuck, a theatre major a the university, as her Senior Project, featuring fellow students Susanna Edwards as Nellie and Kimberlyn Wideman as Catherine.

Admission was free with donations accepted to the Miami Valley Women’s Centre Xenia location.

In an article in the university magazine Cedars, by Lauren McGuire, Natalia said she came across the play when searching for two-women shows, and fell in love with it.

“These are some really heavy issues and I really want to bring them to light,” she told the magazine. “I just want to help people understand more about surrogacy and motherhood.

“The storyline itself is just so precious to me and so beautiful. I can’t wait for people to be able to see it and understand these issues more clearly.”


Natalia said she believed the production would “stir thought-provoking questions in the heart of the audience.

And she was right.

“It went so well,” she said after the show.  “We had a full house – we had to keep putting out more chairs and then people still had to stand!… The audience responded constantly with laughter, sniffling and sounds of agreement or disagreement.
“Afterwards, I got to talk to so many people and everyone enjoyed it. Several people who came said they were shocked this wasn’t performed in America earlier because it was such a good play. Everyone also commented on how they loved how you didn’t write it one-sided.
“I’m literally still having conversations about it. Everyone who I asked about it had thoughts on what the characters should do or what happened after the show. People had different theories, which was so cool to hear! In short – everyone loved it,” she said.
“And people said it made them think! That’s always the biggest compliment in my mind. Several young men told me they had never been faced with these issues and they now had to think through these issues. It made me so happy.”
It made me so happy, too!
Thanks so much Natalia, Susanna and Kimberlyn, your crew, advisers and mentors for bringing e-baby to its first American audience.

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