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Looking for a new school musical for your talented music and drama students?

Sick of doing the same old stuff, like Grease and High School Musical?

Cram! is a new musical for anyone who has gone through/ or is going through the agonies of SAT, ACT, GCSE, IB, HSC or VCE.  Whatever you call the final year of high school in your country, it’s a year full of drama that is definitely worth singing and dancing about.


Cram! is about the things that suck in Year 12 (study and parental pressure) and the things that are cool (friends and love and dreaming big) and finding your place in an uncertain world.

Book, lyrics (and some music) by JANE CAFARELLA. Music (and some lyrics) by LACHLAN DAVIDSON.

Musical arrangements and production by TJ TAYLOR, with dramaturgy by CHRISTIE EVANGELISTO

The story:

Rosie, a nerdy perfectionist, is dreaming big. Like lots of kids these days what she really wants is to be famous. She wants to be a singer, but not just any singer – an opera singer. It’s horribly uncool, but she can’t help it.

That’s Plan A. But for her mother Kathy, there is only Plan B – get an Arts degree and a real job.

Rosie’s BFF Gabe just wants to dance on Broadway, her friend T’Lor just wants to pass, Bill is too scared to say what he really wants, Sebastian knows he’ll ace it, as usual, and Dash is making a study of the new guy, Sam.

English teacher Mr Mac is doing everything to help.  Year 12 Coordinator Mrs Brown (aka Brown Owl) is doing everything to ensure everyone upholds the school’s fine reputation – and her own.

Rosie soon discovers that being a prima donna isn’t what it’s cracked up to be and that life is about finding your own voice.

But as the final exams loom, all have all have just one pressing goal – CRAM!

The music:

A mix of musical theatre-style, jazz and rap – still in development. Minimum requirement: piano, drums, guitar.

Listen here:

WANNA BE – Opening number – full cast

A FINE REPUTATION – Mrs Beatrice Brown (aka Brown Owl)


LATER – Sam and Ensemble

CRAM – Full cast

Many thanks to Lachlan Davidson, Prudence Finlay, Wern Mack, Benedict Jazenco-Taylor, Matt Davies, Estelle Mannins and Myra Davidson. 

Trial our show!

We’re looking for a school that is willing to work with us to trial the show and develop it further, working towards our first full production.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity for music and drama teachers and talented young performers.

CRAM! is a fun show about finding your place and voice in an uncertain world.

It’s about the kids who ace it and the kids who don’t – and the lessons they learn along the way. 

Register your interest now ! Write to  jane.cafarella@gmail.com

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