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I am proud to be part of a new collection of plays about domestic violence, called Rhymes With Silence, produced by Joy Roberts of Improvising Change.

My short poem, She Drinks, is one of 13 short plays in the show. It is directed by Chrissy De Silva, and stars Liz Hovey and Bendegúz Daniel Devenyi-Botos.

Rhymes with Silence “brings darkness to the stage, on a topic normally hidden, with unexpected humour and a hint of light.”

It is a collaborative non-profit show written by nine Australian writers and focusses especially on mothers. Each play is directed individually and all are connected to create one narrative through a common thread of design and theme.

She Drinks is based on an interview I did many years ago when I was a journalist working on Accent pages of The Age newspaper in Melbourne. It is the story of a child whose mother was a victim of domestic violence in the ’50s, an era when this was rarely acknowledged.

As a journalist, I have been privileged to have the trust of people who have confided in me.  Many of these stories have had a profound affect on me. The story of the woman in She Drinks was one such story, which is why I chose to retell it in another form.

In the years since this interview was conducted, the world has changed immensely. The status of women has improved vastly in many areas. We have even had a female Prime Minister.

Sadly, though, the tragedy of domestic violence – as it is still euphemistically known – is still with us, and while there are many platitudes about this, programs to prevent it continue to be de-funded or underfunded. Added to this is the disturbing contempt, vitriol and victim-blaming in the form of cowardly “comment”  heaped upon those who speak up for women’s issues generally, as Clementine Ford attests.

I hope that Rhymes With Silence,  initiated  by the courageous Joy Roberts and brought to life by all the wonderful writers, directors, actors, designers and technical people who contribute to it, can help inform and change these attitudes so that  in future shows like this will no longer need to be written.

Below: Liz and Bendeguz perform She Drinks at Script in Hand, Sydney.

Liz Hovey and Bendegus Devenyl-Botos in She Drinks at SIH Liz Hovey in She Drink at SIH







Tickets $25 at door
OR $20 online (+booking fee)

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