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Calling all VCE, HSC, IB and SAT students!

Shouldn’t you be studying right now?

Don’t worry. I understand. Study sucks and you need a break – which is why you’re reading this, and why we’ve written a show for you that says exactly what you’re feeling now about Year 12.


Cram! is a new Australian musical with book and lyrics (and some songs) by Jane Cafarella and music (and some lyrics) by Lachlan Davidson.

More about Lachlan here:


Cram! follows eight students as they strive for the magic score that will be their passport to university and adult life.

Previously known as VCE – the Musical!, Cram! had an initial reading at the home of Joanne Watt, formerly a director and choreographer at Hartwell Players, in 2012, and has been substantially revised since.

We are delighted to announce that Evolve Arts in Singapore will feature the opening number, first scene and second song in its up-coming holiday workshop for senior students on  7 November, under the musical direction of TJ Taylor.


Cram! is all about you – the feeling that you don’t know what you want to be and shouldn’t have to decide now, and even if you do, your fate shouldn’t depend on how well you do in one year. The feeling that even if you do know what you want to be, getting there seems like an impossible task.

And what if your dream has nothing to do with VCE or HSC or IB or SAT? What happens if it just feels irrelevant? Maybe you want to be a singer, or a dancer, or just stick your head under the covers and wait till it’s over?

You’re locked in your room. You’re procrastinating. Your parents are trying to help but their expectations are weighing you down and freaking you out.

Maybe you’re juggling a part-time job, extra-curricular stuff, and study. Maybe you’ve got a boyfriend/girlfriend? Maybe you want one? Maybe your parents don’t want you to have one? And all the time, the final exams get closer and closer.

Then there are the mixed messages. Exams don’t matter. You can always change courses. But if you don’t get that magic score, you can forget about your dream, so yeah, they matter. A lot.

Try not to panic. Cram! is coming soon.


Cram! is a low-budget fun musical that is ideal for secondary school students or performing arts students to perform at their schools.

Music teachers, drama teachers and schools that are interested in performing the show, or producers who would like to stage it, are welcome to contact me at jane.cafarella@gmail.com


If you’re aged between 17 and 21 and can sing, dance and act and would like to be in Cram!, please register your interest at the email above. 

We’re planning on recording the opening number in Melbourne soon as demo for the show.

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My Christmas monologue Presence will be broadcast on 3WBC 94.1 FM Whitehorse Boroondara Community Radio on the program Anything Goes on Thursday December 22 at 11.30am, read by actor Babs Wheeton.

Unfortunately, I’ll be in Sydney on that day so won’t be able to tune in. However, Ken Lyons, one of the presenters of Anything Goes, may be able to record it for me. Tune in if you can and let me know what you think!


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